Debi Shearwater photo by Herb Clarke In September 1976, I was mystified by my first encounter with a whale - the great Blue Whale! Since that time, I have seen many ocean wonders: 800,000 feeding Sooty Shearwaters, the annual rafting of the thousands of storm-petrels, the delicate calling of a pair of Ancient Murrelets, breaching Baird's Beaked Whales, mating dophins, singing Humpbacks, newborn Gray Whales, and oh yes, I have been eye-to-eye with the Sperm Whale!

I have personally identified at least four bull Orcas that have visited the Monterey Bay area over a period that spans 7 years. And, I have enjoyed the company of many, many fascinating people over the years. The magic of the ocean is still there, stronger than ever for me. I hope that you will join me and the crew for a journey.
~The beauty of the ocean lies in its unknown revelations.~

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